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Find answers to common questions about our plant terpene formula and its potential benefits.

The Nápreva family of products is based on a propietary, all-natural formula comprised of natural plant extracts (phytochemicals) called terpenes. Nápreva is pure plant terpenes derived from sage, avocado, West African black pepper and Japanese cypress (hinoki). NáprevaPLUS is the same formula with added CBD isolate made from industrial hemp.

Neither Nápreva nor NáprevaPLUS are approved by any US or international regulatory agency for treatment of any illness or condition. They are considered dietary supplements and are made in strict compliance with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for that category of human consumable products.

However, hundreds who’ve used Nápreva say it helps with a wide range of health problems from chronic pain to insomnia and stress. What’s more, they don’t fear dangerous side effects brought on by some drugs that do have regulatory approval. As with any medication, dietary supplement or vitamin, we recommend that you tell your healthcare providers about your use of Nápreva or NáprevaPLUS.

Yes. Nápreva and NáprevaPLUS are as legal as popcorn, fresh air and vitamins.

Thanks to passage of the 2018 “Farm Bill,” products containing less than .03% THC are now legal in the United States at the Federal level. That’s almost any product with CBD, including Nápreva+. Nápreva contains no CBD at all.

CBD is legal in all 50 states, but the exact type and conditions under which it is legal can vary from state to state. Most states restrict the amount of THC that can be contained in a legal CBD product, and may require that products using so called broad- and full-spectrum CBD have laboratory tests validating THC content. Nápreva+ uses a CBD isolate derived from industrial hemp, containing trace amounts of THC so slight that it’s considered completely THC free.

If you’re still unsure whether it’s safe and legal to buy Nápreva+ or any product containing CBD, consult your state department of health. They generally regulate the sales of marijuana, CBD and other hemp-derived products. Or you can try Nápreva, which contains no CBD at all.

The terpenes and CBD used in Nápreva and NáprevaPLUS are made from organically-grown plants whenever possible. In addition, these phytochemicals are extracted from the original plants using a patented process that uses no alcohol or chemicals that would alter or contaminate the pure extracts

Assess discomfort on a 1-10 scale. Apply 4 sprays under the tongue. Wait 1 minute, then swallow. After 10 minutes, reassess discomfort and repeat as needed.

There are no known side effects or toxicities in any ingredient contained in Nápreva and Nápreva+, so you can use a little more or a little less up to four times a day. Most people say they feel Nápreva’s effects almost immediately, while a few people say it can take 15 minutes or a bit more. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the amount and frequency that work best for you.

The short answer is no. But many people who have used our products say that Nápreva helps them to relax and that relaxation, in turn, helps them to sleep.

Nápreva contains a CBD isolate that has the lowest possible trace amounts of THC, the component of hemp that causes intoxication and drowsiness. Indeed, CBD isolates contain less THC than either broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD extracts.

Assess your discomfort on a sale of 1-10 before taking Nápreva or NáprevaPLUS. Administer 4 sprays under your tongue to facilitate rapid absorption. Wait 1 minute, and then swallow.

Many who have used Nápreva say they feel its effects within a few minutes. Others take a little longer. We recommend waiting 10 minutes before reassessing your discomfort. Take an additional 4 sprays as needed.

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