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Beware of generics

Napreva and NaprevaPLUS all proprietary formula


If you think a lot of products seem the same, you’re not imagining things. White-label products are made by large factories that sell generics to companies that slap on a label with a catchy name and focus on sales and marketing.

Long live the originals!

The world moves so fast, we barely notice the fads, trends and brands that come and go in a flash.

There are products like sriracha, which the US Patent and Trademark office said is a generic term that can’t be trademarked. But we all know the “real” sriracha has a green cap and a rooster logo. To sriracha connoisseurs, it has such a unique balance of heat, salt and acid, they can identify it blind folded. The other knock-offs … meh. 

Sometimes, there really can be only one.

Nápreva was the brain child of Black Rock’s founder, a doctor of naturopathic medicine whose patients often suffered from chronic pain. They’d had surgeries, diets and drugs.  Some were reluctant to “go the next step” to opioids and steroids, and others were clearly suffering from frightening side effects like trouble sleeping, gastrointestinal problems, immune disorders and addiction.

A decade of specific choices in a bottle.

Most naturopathic dietary supplements aren’t patented because prior documentation and prior use make the products and plants they contain public domain. But that doesn’t mean all products are alike. 

  1. With Nápreva, the specific combination and concentration of natural ingredients make it more effective than single-ingredient products, or products that contain just tiny, trace amounts of random things.
  2. NáprevaPLUS contains less CBD than many CBD products because more isn’t necessarily better. And frankly, because safety comes first.
  3. It comes in just one form, because it works best. Spray it under your tongue so it acts quickly and with the smallest possible amount.  Gummies, brownies, gum and lozenges just don’t work as well. 

Try a little.  We think you'll love it a lot!

Nápreva and NáprevaPLUS are unlike anything else you'll find on the market.  Visit the product section to read about how customers use Nápreva for fast-acting, natural wellness without negative side effects.

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