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Oral Syringe Applicator Kit
Oral Syringe Applicator Kit

Oral Syringe Applicator Kit

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For pets that prefer an oral applicator syringe to the standard spary applicator for taking Nápreva K9, this kit provides an adapter, oral applicator syringe and replacement cap to retrofit your bottle.


Kit includes one orifice reducer (also called a press-in oral application adaptor), one oral applicator syringe and one black phenolic cap to replace the original spray applicator received with Nápreva K9 or NáprevaPLUS K9.

Make sure your hands are clean and dry and work on a flat surface. To prevent oil from damaging your work surface, work on a porcelain, stainless steel, glass or stone counter, or cover your work surface with 2-3 sheets of paper toweling.

Remove the original spray applicator from your bottle of Nápreva K9 being careful not to drip or spill oil on your work surface.

Place the ridged portion of the white press-in adapter facing downward into the bottle with the flat surface facting upward. Press the aadapter into the neck of the bottle applying pressure evenly to both sides to avoid tipping the bottle and spilling. Press until the flat surface of the adapter is flush with the rim of the bottle so the replacement cap can snuggly reseal the bottle.

To fill the syringe, uncap and press the syringe into the hole in the top of the adapter. Invert the bottle and pull the pluger back until liquid fills to the desired level.

To translate suggested use from number of sprays indicated on the label or in-box literature to markings on the syringe, 1 spray = .25 ml. 4 sprays = 1 ml.

After drawing the amount required, use the black cap to reseal the bottle

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